NOTICE: Feed St. Mary’s does not want to discourage volunteers, as they will become vital as we grow. The realities of COVID-19 and social distancing, however, puts us in a position where we would put new volunteers and our existing on-site workers at potential risk of infection by adding additional people at the time. For this reason, we are still accepting volunteer applications, but will only follow-up with those who express a desire to work on-site when we are confident that we can assure our mutual safety. Thanks for understanding and bearing with us.

Feed St. Mary’s desires to provide quality food to the Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens in St. Mary’s County without imposing overhead costs. To do so, Feed St. Mary’s must rely on the generosity of our community. We need your support to alleviate hunger in St. Mary’s County.

Donate Time

​On site volunteers provide support in many forms, including assisting with food handling and distribution after food arrives at the Feed St. Mary’s Food Bank in St. Mary’s County.  The work can be physically demanding.

Please consider volunteering your time by using our Volunteer form.

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Donate Talent

Volunteers do not always need to be onsite at the food Bank to make a difference. Individuals may offer their specialized talents according to their own schedule to help Feed St. Mary’s.

Please consider volunteering your talent by using our Specialized Volunteer Form.

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